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Gum recession doesn’t only ruin your smile. It can also accelerate tooth decay by exposing root structure, making your teeth more susceptible to harmful elements that will negatively impact the gum line and underneath the gums.

Clients can have this problem easily resolved through our cosmetic dental care pinhole surgical technique with minimally invasive procedures. Visit our clinic in Springville, UT, to see if this procedure is right for you.

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What is gum recession, and why should I take it seriously?

Gum recession occurs when there is tissue loss throughout the gum lining. Several causes make a person’s gums recede. Some include diseases like periodontitis, advanced periodontitis, or gingivitis. These periodontal diseases have various side effects, including the shedding of the gum tissue that causes the lining to withdraw.

Another reason may be more natural, like aging. As we age, our bodies reproduce or repair less gum tissue, and our gums will tend to regress over time.

Younger patients may also encounter gum recession if they have abrasive and rough brushing habits. Due to a lack of proper dental care, coarse brushing motions often damage the gums and constantly chips away at its tissue layers as the years go by.

Treating gum recession is crucial for lasting dental care. Receding gums can expose the deeper parts of the teeth. This dangerous exposure can affect the mouth’s overall health. With deep root structures left unprotected, cavities are open for oral bacteria that can harmfully influence the teeth and the rest of the gum line.

Feel free to book an appointment with us to ask about the pinhole surgical technique in our clinic at Springville, UT, to address this issue.

What is the pinhole surgical technique? Is it more beneficial than other procedures?

For clients looking for an easy, accessible, and minimally invasive surgical procedure to aid their receding gums, the pinhole surgical technique (PST) is the best fit for your needs.

PST treats the receding gum tissue using a needle and special instruments to perform the readjustment. The needle creates a tiny hole within the remaining gum tissue. The tissue is then loosened using several specialized tools to carefully slide it over the teeth’s exposed parts in the gentlest manner possible.

This painless treatment typically requires two visits to your dentist, but it can take longer, depending on the extent of your gum recession.

Compared to this easy and less-invasive procedure, traditional dental grafting requires more operation time, a higher period of recovery, and arguably more pain throughout the entire process.

Older methods used to treat gum recession include soft tissue grafts from the patient’s palate and suturing the cut tissue in place over the gum line. The graft bonds with the rest of the gums to cover the teeth’s exposed parts over the prescribed time, depending on the patient’s overall recovery process.

How can the pinhole surgical technique benefit me?

At Maple Creek Dental Care, keeping our practice up to date is one of our priorities. Thanks to developments in dental science, the pinhole surgical technique is now available at our clinic in Springville, UT.

This procedure can benefit patients who have sensitive oral capacities and are looking for a comfortable procedure and follow-up treatment.

Here are some benefits of PST:

PST Enables Patients to Recover Faster

Since traditional grafting and other methods often include surgical cuts of various oral tissue that are then sutured onto the receding gum line, the recovery time can take much longer. The pinhole surgical technique requires little oral intervention, which leaves the gums intact, enabling them to recover faster.

No Scalpels, No Sutures, and the Palate Is Untouched

As technology advances, so does our dental equipment. A visit to the dentist will not be as terrifying as it was with older dental techniques, especially for those whose gums have receded and may be suffering from tooth sensitivity.

Because PST is a minimally invasive and painless procedure, our clients do not need to worry about the possibility of a sore mouth and potential headaches whenever they lie down in the dentist’s chair.

Greater Comfort and a More Natural Result

Since there will be no need for donor tissues from the palate, patients can rest assured that this procedure will be much faster and more comfortable. Without additional tissue grafted onto the gum line, the results will look more natural as it progresses.

Pinhole Surgical Technique in Springville, UT

Since this procedure is fairly new, only some dentists are capable of conducting the pinhole surgical technique. Our experts at Maple Creek Dental are proud to offer this service to our clients.

For patients who would much prefer a less invasive, less painful method to fix their receding gum line, give us a call to set a consultation or visit us at our clinic in Springville, UT.

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Cosmetic laser gum lift is a minimally invasive dental treatment that can restore your smile and reduce the risks of developing gum disease. If you’d like more information on cosmetic laser gum lift in Springville, UT, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Maple Creek Dental today.