Why Are My Gums Bleeding

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If your gums are bleeding, visit our Springville dentist office to have your teeth examined. At Maple Creek Dental we can examine you and determine whether they are bleeding due to simple irritation or if there is a greater health concern. You can schedule an appointment with our office by calling (801) 489-6811. In the meantime, here is what you need to know about your gums.

Symptoms of Gum Disease that You Should Watch For

At Maple Creek Dental, we encourage you to keep an eye on your gum health and call us if any of these signs persist for longer than a week:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Red or irritated gums
  • Your teeth appear longer

If you notice any of these symptoms, the best thing to do is call a Springville dentist for an official diagnosis. Self-treating can lead to additional problems because you may not be addressing the actual cause of the problem. You can schedule an appointment with our office by calling 801-489-6811.

Causes of Gum Disease

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Plaque and tartar buildup underneath the gum tissue
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Pregnancy
  • Some medications

How to Manage and Treat Gum Disease

There are several ways to prevent gum disease and the symptoms that arise from it. If you have already experienced symptoms of bleeding or swollen gums, following these steps will still help you. However, it is wise to visit our office for an examination so that we can make customized treatment recommendations. In the meantime, you can manage your symptoms by doing the following

  • Brush and floss regularly. Remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day and when you do, use a soft or electric toothbrush. Make sure that you are brushing food away from your gums and towards the center of your mouth. This is important to prevent plaque buildup at your gum line. Flossing should be at least once per day and you must make sure to go all the way down along the sides of your teeth.
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash. Another way to kill bacteria is to use an antiseptic mouthwash. This is an easy way to kill some of the bacteria that you have not been able to brush away and you may notice that your gums feel instantly better after using it.
  • Have your teeth cleaned twice a year. At Maple Creek Dental, we encourage you to visit our dental office twice per year so that we can clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar that was left behind from your daily brushing. This is your best defense against gum disease or even some of the subtle symptoms like bleeding and swelling.
  • Stop smoking. More than bad for your lungs, using tobacco products is also bad for your oral health. Not only can it lead to oral cancer but it also increases your risk for gum disease.
  • Schedule a deep cleaning. If you already have gum disease we may recommend that you have a deep cleaning or root planing and scaling procedure. This allows the dentist to remove tartar and plaque that has built up underneath the gum tissue. The procedure is typically completed in two to four appointments but it works incredibly well for removing the cause of the problem.

Questions & Answers

Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

When you brush your teeth, the bristles will often go immediately over or next to your gums. Gum tissue is sensitive and if you are using a hard toothbrush or brushing too aggressively you can scratch and irritate them. Our suggestion is to switch to an electric or battery operated toothbrush because you can get an excellent clean without having to apply a lot of pressure. This should provide your gums with needed relief.

Why do my gums bleed when I floss?

Very often, this is because you have not flossed in a long time. If it has been awhile, your gums may be sensitive, irritated or even bleed when you begin your flossing routine. This is perfectly acceptable. Once you begin flossing daily, your gums should no longer bleed. In the process you will be removing the plaque from in between your gums and your teeth, helping them to be in better health. At Maple Creek Dental we can show you how to floss your teeth properly to help ensure that you are getting a really good clean. Call (801) 489-6811 and let us know if your gums continue to bleed after a week of flossing daily.

Why are my gums swollen?

If your gums have started to swell, there are two main causes for it. The first is that you have irritated your gums or accidentally scratched them by eating something that is particularly sharp or abrasive. The second, and most likely, is that you are suffering from an early stage of gum disease. Gingivitis typically makes your gums swell, become red and irritated. This is a warning sign that should lead you to schedule an appointment with our dental office. If you notice this early warning sign and seek treatment, a dental cleaning may be all that is necessary to treat the condition so that your gums can return to good health. Otherwise, the symptoms could become progressively worse.

Why are my gums sensitive when I eat or brush my teeth?

You could have gum disease. Even in the early stages, this condition can make your gums sensitive and irritated. Otherwise, you could have eaten something acidic or abrasive that is making them temporarily sensitive but this should pass within a day or so.

Contact Us Today

If you have further questions about your gums, call 801-489-6811 and schedule an appointment with our dental office. We will be happy to answer your questions, examine you and provide you with treatment recommendations.

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Launi L.
01:36 30 Sep 22
Dr Jackson and his staff are awesome! So accommodating, very gentle and careful and thoughtful. My visits have been enjoyable!They are a great practice!!
sheree J.
00:52 23 Sep 22
Dr. Jackson is a great dentist, he's very skilled and attentive to details while working in timely manner. My husband recommended him to me a while back and we've always loved seeing him. The rest of the staff are also very friendly and helpful.
Sri Y.
22:00 14 Sep 22
Those who know me best know that I have had my share of tooth issues. Today I met Dr Jackson with a chipped tooth. He asked me sincerely if I would rate a review. Irregardless of him asking, I thought his work/help was prefect for me. He seems very passionate about his work, and someone whose looking to build a long lasting customer relationship. I’m 39 and this is my review. The whole staff were very nice to me. Thanks and thanks!
Derek W.
00:32 14 Sep 22
Thank you for working me in at the last minute to re-cement an old crown.Dr. Jackson and staff are amazing at their job! I also appreciate their professionalism. I will definitely refer my family & friends here.
Maritza F.
03:44 13 Sep 22
I had a well done and smooth cleaning. Friendly personel and time efficient.
Diego D.
02:24 26 Aug 22
Thomas H.
00:59 03 Aug 22
My first appointment at Maple Creek Dental with Dr. Bowen was beyond my expectations. There was no wait time, and as soon as it was discovered I had some cavities, they asked me whether I wanted to take care of them right away. They filled three cavities that same afternoon. They even let me watch Netflix to distract me from the procedure. Everyone was friendly and kind, and the cost was clear and prompt.
Melanie B.
01:46 15 Jul 22
Dr Jackson is awesome to work with. He’s great with me and even better with our two autistic children.
Mark S.
21:21 08 Jul 22
If you struggle with dental phobia, difficulty with pain or getting numb, I can't recommend Dr Jackson enough! He and everyone in the office was great to work with. The only dentist I will be going to from now on.
Susan E.
00:44 08 Jul 22
Love love Maple Creek Dental all the staff are very professional and friendly and the service is amazing!
June W.
02:01 06 Jul 22
I love the staff and Dr Jackson. They are personable and I enjoy my visits.
Marlee Gomm D.
04:50 07 Jun 22
This place is Awesome! Always so friendly and polite. I never have to wait very long and the hygienist provide answers to my questions when needed. I won’t go anywhere else. I’ve been to other places and this place is by far the best!!
Amy S C
00:53 03 Jun 22
Everyone was so nice and it was a very positive experience!
Jared I.
03:05 25 May 22
Received excellent dental care and attention! I've really appreciated Dr. Jackson and his staff for their expertise.
Victor V.
18:13 24 May 22
katie D.
01:44 24 May 22
Kim H.
00:20 04 May 22
I’m very happy with maple creek dental, dr. Jackson is a very good dentist and I really recommend to my friends and family members he’s done a fantastic work on my teeth and I have many compliments on my teeth.
Carmen B.
00:45 03 May 22
The team at Maple Creek Dental are incredible! Not only do they do an amazing job at what they practice, being very thorough, paying attention to the needs of their clients and explaining in simple terms their plan of execution. But most importantly how incredible they are when you need them! Dr Jackson was incredible getting me in last minute and getting me fixed up after my accident! My smile has never looked better!
Leif A.
00:27 03 May 22
Friendly staff! Dr. Jackson is truly one of the best dentist in Utah! I have a great fear of going to the dentist but I feel safe here always.
Lainie A.
00:23 22 Apr 22
We LOVE DrJackson!!! Good thing we’re a lot older than him because we could never go to anyone else!
Jillie M.
23:30 21 Apr 22
Dr.Jackson and his assistant Melissa are wonderful. Kind, attentive, and thorough. I have a comprehensive plan for dental work that will hopefully save my teeth from further issues. Very pleased that I contacted his office for help! Highly recommend.
Hilary B.
01:03 20 Apr 22
When I first walked into Dr. Jackson’s office, I was greeted by a very sweet welcoming staff. And Dr. Jackson was very friendly, professional and helpful. He made me feel at ease and relaxed with the procedure and answered the questions I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Jackson and his staff if you need any dental work done. 😁
LaVerna M.
00:42 14 Apr 22
I started seeing Dr. Jackson at the beginning of the COVID pandemic when he took me in as an emergency patient because I was having troubles with my dentures. He was so kind and saw me on multiple occasions to get my dentures just right. I love his office staff and always look forward to my visits. I would give Dr. Jackson and his staff ten stars if I could. I highly recommend them!!
Rosalie R.
04:19 02 Apr 22
Wonderful care! Friendly staff! Dr Jackson is the best dentist I've had hands down! Caring, down to earth and very knowledgable. I recommend this office to anyone!
Hannah M.
00:49 29 Mar 22
Dr. Jackson is awesome.I trust him to provide honest advice, diagnosis, and treatment plans.Office is very clean, staff are friendly and good at what they do, and I always have a great experience.Highly recommend this dentist.
03:50 25 Mar 22
Dr. Jackson and his staff always take good care of me. The prices are very reasonable. They always answer my questions, and are not pushy about future treatment plans. I highly recommend this practice!
Jon S.
00:28 22 Mar 22
Dr. Jackson and his team are fantastic! We used to go to their Pleasant Grove office until we moved to Springville and we were happy to learn he has an office here. Highly recommended!
Brandon S.
01:02 18 Mar 22
I’ve been seeing Dr. Jackson for more than 10 years. He does excellent work and his staff is so friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend.
Robert F.
00:48 18 Mar 22
Great dentist! Great staff, very friendly and professional
Julie B.
01:06 15 Mar 22
Enjoyed their kind temperament from front desk to back end staff. They were thorough with their protocol. The staff and Dr took the time to give us information and services we came for
shaffer N.
20:42 07 Mar 22
Dr. Jackson is great! He is friendly and very knowledgeable. The office is clean and the staff professional. I have been so pleased with the service given.
Jane P.
02:43 04 Mar 22
They are always friendly and professional!
Rachel E.
21:37 01 Mar 22
My family and I started coming here last year. I liked my previous dentist but their billing wasn't that great and becoming a pain. I'm grateful I switched to Maple Creek for many reasons. Their office is clean, they are professional and they have the sweetest people working there. You can tell they genuinely care about their clients and love their jobs. Also, Dr. Jackson is the best!
Mandy T.
02:09 01 Mar 22
I had another great experience at Maple Creek Dental, the staff is wonderful, friendly and very courteous. Dr. Jackson is the best dentist I have ever had the experience to have, none better!!!
scott K.
07:39 25 Feb 22
Dr. Jackson is literally amazing! The staff there literally amazing! My friend works their with Dr Jackson and sang his praises and so I had to check him out. She wasn’t wrong. I highly recommend seeing him for any dental work needed!! Thank you Dr. Jackson and Maple Creek staff!!
Logan M.
04:27 25 Feb 22
Lowell H.
02:31 23 Feb 22
Ellen C.
02:02 08 Feb 22
Shelley B.
01:55 11 Jan 22
Very good service and caring staff
Bruce C.
01:53 05 Jan 22
Excellent staff and great Dr.!! They went out of their way to get me in, and took great care of me!
April B.
01:42 29 Dec 21
Dr. Jackson is AMAZING! I always get anxious going to dentists, but because Dr. Jackson and his staff are so friendly and professional, it immediately calmed my nerves. He does great work and clearly cares about his patients. I 100% recommend him! Not to mention, the office is beautiful!
Monica J.
01:50 10 Dec 21
On time, friendly, expert service. A good dentist .
Terry B.
19:17 03 Dec 21
Lisa H.
01:53 03 Dec 21
Dr. Jackson and the staff at Maple Creek are great! I was so sad to hear from my endodontist that he couldn’t save my tooth and I was able to get an appointment at Maple Creek the NEXT DAY! I was able to get my sore tooth extracted and get started with the process of replacing it with an implant. They are so kind and friendly and make it easy to take care of dental problems.
Valerie C.
03:27 01 Dec 21
Dr. Jackson is awesome! 😁 Every year he throws a party for all of his customers by renting out the Lindon Aquatics Center (including the flow rider)! 🏄Every hygienist that has cleaned my teeth has been so nice, especially Anne! 😁And the receptionists are amazing! On my way out of my last cleaning, I told one of the receptionists that I am going to Arizona next March and she told me I had to catch some Spring Training games while I am there because they are so much fun.. I had no idea that would be going on, but now I'm even more excited for my trip! 😁Maple Creek Dental is definitely 5 stars all the way around! 🙌
Maxwell H.
06:09 19 Nov 21
This is the most pleasant experience I could have ever imagined. I hadn't been to a dentist in WAY too long and every single person I encountered here was amazing. I was terrified coming in, but left being completely over that fear and anxiety. I appreciate y'all so much for taking care of this Georgia girl!!
Melanie C.
03:02 19 Nov 21
Dr Jackson cares about his patients well being. He desires his patients to be comfortable. I enjoy going there. I can easily recommend him and his staff.
Janet C.
20:51 18 Nov 21
I hadn't been to a dentist for a longer period than I would care to share, and I couldn't have landed in better hands! Got an implant, and a couple of cavities filled, and haven't had a bit of trouble for 2 years now. Staff is courteous, and efficient, and always willing to help. This IS the place.
Craig D.
02:33 16 Nov 21
Marlene R.
01:07 02 Nov 21
Lane F.
17:52 22 Oct 21
Carlos G.
12:17 20 Oct 21
Maple Creek Dental is AWESOME! The staff is friendly and professional and Dr Jackson is truly the very best. My family has been going to that dental office for decades. The previous dentist was also great and when he moved to Florida, he assured us that Dr Jackson would take great care of us as well. He was certainly spot-on.Going to the dentist isn’t exactly the best of a social call that one can look forward to; but we all do it and Dr Jackson and his staff will turn it into as much as pleasant visit as possible. I just like the idea of having a dentist I can trust and that it doesn’t leave me looking for someone else every time I see someone new.My kids went there when they were kids, and now they go with their families. Need I say more?Thank you Dr Jackson and everyone who helps him be the great dentist he is.
Massimo P.
00:52 19 Oct 21
Love Dr. Jackson!! He’s gentle with us “scaredy-cats”. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!
Jillanna M.
15:01 12 Oct 21
Fritz H.
00:51 08 Oct 21
Our family loves Dr. Jackson and the whole staff here! Our friends recently moved and were looking for a new dentist in Springville so we referred them to Maple Creek Dental. They loved their experience too! It is really nice to have a dentist that not only our family can trust, but also that we can confidently refer friends to and know that they will have a good experience!
Rachel S.
16:13 30 Sep 21
J I.
00:57 29 Sep 21
Always a great experience here!
Hyrum M.
00:55 28 Sep 21
I have had the opportunity to go to Maple Creek Dental for regular checkups for some time now. Every time I go to my dental appointment, I encounter a very welcoming and pleasant environment. The facilities are exceptionally clean and the staff is very polite and respectful. They truly make it an enjoyable experience w/ the overhead entertainment, as well as state-of-the-art dental equipment/ x-ray, capable of detecting the smallest cavity. I happen to have very healthy teeth, as in really no cavities ever. I know this and all my dentists in the past have noticed it, here is the difference: Dr. Jackson has never tried to sell me or recommended any unnecessary treatments, as most other doctors have in the past. This is the reason I would highly recommend Maple Creek Dental.
Ruben G.
20:28 24 Sep 21
Patty J.
15:41 22 Sep 21
This was my first visit to Maple Creek dental and I was blown away and a most pleasant way. I went in for a teeth cleaning which was done by Jan and she was great. Kim and Isabel then took it to a level of customer service that I’ve never seen.They were patient with me to help me work out my insurance coverage they explain to me some other procedures that I want it done and they took the time and didn’t try to rush me out of the office.I didn’t feel like just a number I felt like a VIP I love this place and they have my business for life well done everybody.Thank you for giving me a great experience and that’s hard to say when you’re going to the dentist.
Neil W.
03:28 21 Sep 21
Kerby L.
01:16 18 Sep 21
The staff and dentist are supper friendly. They leave you feeling like a person not just another number or $$.I generally dislike talking to people and struggle having a conversation past a few minutes but every time I go in I'm like this social butterfly that doesn't want to shut up. What normally feels awkward with a break / pause in conversation is not there. so to sum it all up. I feel heard and understand from meeting my needs and comfort to financial affordable options. I feel appreciated as an individual. I don't feel rushed (like the staff has 10 other things they need to get done or worse would rather be doing). So unless they learned the art of mind control or magic I would say they just took my number 1 spot of best dentists I have ever been to (sadly I have been to A LOT like easily 10+ in my adult life)
Albert P.
19:04 22 Jul 21
They use very modern tech and examination practices.
Jordan J.
18:28 06 Jul 21
Dr Jonathan Jackson is excellent. He cares about each patient and goes the extra mile to ensure high quality work and satisfaction. His hygienist is thorough, yet gentle. The office is modern and relaxing and runs on time! I’ve been with him since he purchased this office location and would highly recommend.
Peg I.
19:37 21 Jun 21
I cannot praise Dr. Jackson and his team enough. I had severe dental trauma and when I had a tooth break I went to him planning on extracting the tooth. He told me all the reasons we should save the tooth, and set me up with a treatment plan and fixed my horrible teeth. On top of all of that, he did a lot of cosmetic work on my front teeth and they look great! Dr. Jackson and his team are amazing!
Gina S.
18:35 25 May 21
Jake C.
15:22 14 May 21
Renee L
19:02 28 Apr 21
Sarah was very friendly and informative. She helped me understand my teeth better and best ways to keep them healthy.
kyle P.
23:20 05 Apr 21
Friendly staff who care about those they are serving.
Jason R.
16:03 06 Mar 21
Great dentist.
Brantley H.
02:13 03 Mar 21
Aubrey G.
02:12 03 Mar 21
Shaun S.
02:12 03 Mar 21
Jacoby H.
01:36 02 Mar 21
Vander H.
21:46 01 Mar 21
Love this place! I have four daughter ages 15, 14, 11, and 8. The whole staff is kind, respectful and they do great work. My kids love them, I love them. It’s very hard to find a place we’re everyone is comfortable with their treatment, if you are like me had bad experiences with other dentist, this is the place to go to. Hands down! Love the staff, love the office. We wouldn’t go anywhere else! From cleaning, to cavities to check ups they are great!
Mel C
00:17 19 Feb 21
This place is so fun to go to even for a dentist office they will take care of your teeth
Dallin R.
22:44 01 Feb 21
Doctor Jackson is fantastic. Very honest and empathetic. Staff is pleasant and easy to work with.
Alex M.
18:13 01 Feb 21
Dr. Jackson and his staff are the best. My mother moved here during COVID and was having a terrible time with her new dentures. They were causing her a lot of pain so we searched for a dentist who could help her. Dr. Jackson saw her on an emergency basis and we loved him right away. He is very caring, professional and thorough. He went above and beyond trying to get her comfortable in her dentures. His office staff is caring and friendly and will make you feel like family. I highly recommend Maple Creek Dental!!
Maui M.
18:14 28 Jan 21
Adam A.
02:08 13 Jan 21
Great experience at Maple Creek Dental. I would recommend Jon Jackson and his staff with complete confidence. Wish I would of known him years ago.
Greg M.
00:08 12 Jan 21
David R.
17:49 07 Jan 21
They are the place I trust the most for my dental care. They are consistently up to date on the best methods and approaches to dentistry. Even if I lived halfway across the valley I would still take the time to go here.
Chris P.
05:30 06 Jan 21
I love Maple Creek Dental! They are so friendly and work wonderfully with my kids. The Dentist is phenomenal! I have been to quite a few dentists and Dr. Jackson is the best one I’ve had. His work is excellent.
Jana P.
21:00 05 Jan 21
Excellent, prompt, professional service. Don't forget to keep it local, Utah!
Jason A.
20:23 04 Jan 21
We love Maple Creek Dental! Dr. Jackson and everyone who works there are always so nice. My kids love coming to the dentist even if they need to get a cavity filled. We had to have an after hour emergency when my son broke his front tooth and Dr. Jackson met us at his office to fix the tooth that same night. Izabell is so welcoming when you walk into the office.
Ashley M.
19:53 22 Dec 20
Top 5 reasons to go to Maple Creek Dental1. Who laughs when they visit the dentist? I do. Maple Creek Dental has the most outstanding employees. I feel like I’m visiting with old friends at every appointment. We have the best visits and conversations.2. Dr. Jackson is like a favorite hairdresser, but for dentists. He’s the dentist you WANT to see. I have never experienced a kinder, friendly, efficient, and competent dentist. Not once have I even thought about going to another dentist. He’s that AMAZING!3. He’s the NO FEAR Dentist. I never get that feeling when a cop pulls me over at Maple Creek Dental. And the pain disappears, BAM, gone! They go out of their way with exceptional care. Dr. Jackson and his staff are thorough in their explanations, they take the time to answer any questions, and keep patients well informed. They are true professionals. It’s weird sounding, but I always look forward to visiting Maple Creek Dental4. Dental Swag Bag! It starts with top notch treatments and procedures. Then I walk out with pearly whites and smooth teeth, along with a swag bag filled with a brand-new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and other goodies. Yeah, presents.5. When he said I needed a crown, I was like, I know, right?! Dental health improves you overall health. It helps prevent periodontal disease, tooth loss, and bad breath. Plus, it helps self-esteem, confidence, and makes your smile shine.Thanks Dr. Jackson and your staff! I no longer have anxiety over dentist appointments, and I enjoy your friendship!
Lynae M.
18:38 19 Dec 20
Wonderful warm and welcoming. They make it fun, well as fun as possible, to go to the dentist, I feel like the work I get here for my best health and because they care.
Keven W.
19:16 15 Dec 20
This has been a great dentist to go to the last few years, the staff members are all great. I had Invisalign done here too and it was a good experience.
Elizabeth W.
19:16 15 Dec 20
Maple Creek dental is always so warm and accommodating. I’ve happily visited them for years and look forward to more.
Thomas R.
17:32 17 Nov 20
I really appreciate the work Dr Jackson and all employees did for me and my family I love the place u guys r awesome very friendly n helpful for sure I will bring some people to your office happy holiday to all of you!!!
Olofa U.
20:04 16 Nov 20
Greatest dentist in town
Litz L.
00:17 28 Oct 20
Dr. Jackson is one of the best dentists I have ever been to. He is very knowledgeable and highly trusted with his work. I recently had pin hole surgery and he did a fantastic job on the procedure. He is very caring towards his patients and staff members. He helps you understand the issue at hand and what options you have to fix any dental issue. He is not the type of dentist that will automatically default to a filling if a filling is not needed. I highly recommend Maple Creek Dental.
Johnny O.
17:44 20 Oct 20
A great place, great staff, and an excellent doctor. I would absolutely refer everyone that I know here!I brought one 1 year old to them today because she chipped her front tooth. It was the fastest appointment and they handled the situation with such ease. I was nervous because this was her first time at the dentist but it went so smooth. We love this office and Dr Jackson!
Izabell H.
18:57 12 Oct 20
had a bridge replaced; the dentist did a great job and haven't had any trouble with the bridge
Larry H.
23:17 11 Oct 20
I have been treated very well by a caring staff that has been working hard to get my teeth and gums back in shape and I have been very pleased by the results! Everyone that I have been seen by is extremely competent at what they do and I have zero complaints and I recommend them highly!!!
Thomas K.
17:44 08 Oct 20
Everyone in this office is awesome. If you are looking for an excellent dentist in Springville, rest assured that this is the best option! I have fillings that Dr. Jackson did almost 10 years ago that are still going strong and have never given me any problems! The office is really nice and you can tell they take pride in keeping it clean and that they go above and beyond when it comes to all of the COVID regulations. I recommend Maple Creek Dental to all of my friends in the Springville and Mapleton areas!
adam S.
12:21 10 Sep 20
Mig M.
20:43 08 Sep 20
I was taken in for my cleaning and check up before I could even sit down. 👍 The sweet hygienist offered to stand up to do my cleaning when she realized I have a health issue that is often triggered by lying down. The dentist and staff were friendly and professional. Great place!
Linda B.
02:51 02 Sep 20
Excellent friendly service!!
Johnathan C.
18:28 31 Aug 20
Julie G.
17:37 10 Aug 20
Dr. Jackson and his crew do great work! They are easy to work with and very professional. I have always felt that Dr. Jackson has my best interest in my mind and is motivated to provide the best care possible.
Jesse M.
22:29 06 Aug 20
Dr Jackson and his staff are amazing! They are always friendly and do a great job. Thanks A Place to Smile!
21:30 30 Jun 20
Jon is a great dentist. Talks it over with you to make sure you get the best service.
Emily A.
19:39 30 Jun 20
23:30 11 Jun 20
Had X-rays and exam. They were fast and efficient. The staff is awesome, very nice.
Camille G.
21:41 08 Jun 20
Dr. Jackson always does a great job and gives the recommendations that he would do to his own teeth. Outstanding job with all the dental work for my entire family (including my three year old). Very personable and also a helpful and friendly staff. The best dental experience I have ever had and could not be happier with my smile and gum line!
22:29 21 May 20
Cynthia S.
01:05 01 May 20
Listen up people-Dr. Jackson is friggin awesome. If you’re not a crazy person please come here. 😉 He’s really knowledgeable, and will give you treatment options that are in YOUR best interest. I refer all my friends and family here because I trust his diagnosis and I know he’ll take care of his patients. Thanks for keeping the standard of care HIGH in dentistry.
Sara B.
01:16 13 Mar 20
I am not a fan of the dentist but Dr. Jackson listened to my concerns, addressed them seriously and helped make my experience an actual good one. Thank you and I would recommend him any day.
Katie W.
22:42 25 Feb 20
Dr. Jackson is awesome. I had had some poor dental work done at another place, and Dr. Jackson was very kind and patient as he fixed the problems. He took his time to make sure he did a good job, and he clearly knew what he was doing.
Jessica S.
23:11 17 Feb 20
Dr. Jackson is the best!!! He genuinely cares about all of his patients. He listens to your concerns and you can feel confident with any work that he does on your teeth.
Carolyn D.
01:10 28 Jan 20
I had a very pleasant experience at the dentist office!
Joy P.
21:05 14 Jan 20
Jamie J.
23:57 09 Jan 20
Great staff. They strive to keep you comfortable and do a great job.
Deanna Y.
19:33 06 Jan 20
Dr Jackson and staff were very polite, helpful and sensitive to my needs. I would refer them to anyone who needs dental work. A place to smile is amazing!
Chuck W.
23:03 30 Dec 19
Great dentist office with the best staff. They always make you feel comfortable and Dr. Jackson is a competent dentist with great ethics.
David R
22:42 23 Dec 19
The workers at A place to smile are incredibly kind and are always wanting to make sure your are comfortable during your whole visit. I have nothing but great things to say about the staff. If you are looking for a Dentistry that has the best interests in mind and staff that is 5 star this is your place. I always leave with a smile.Thank you!!!!!!
Jesse S.
01:38 20 Dec 19
I love this place everyone is so nice and helpful and all the remodel makes it so comfortable to get your teeth worked on
tracey S.
02:04 15 Nov 19
Extremely friendly staff; willing to schedule same day appointment; very helpful. I will go there from now on.
Petra B.
00:36 12 Nov 19
Fast and friendly.Best Dentist and staff I have ever associated with.
Steve J.
22:05 24 Oct 19
The staff is very friendly, helped to make sure I know proper oral care processes, and even gave me an extra tooth brush so that I could brush my teeth at work too. I will keep coming back as long as I live in this area.
Kelson W.
19:08 22 Oct 19
When I walked into the dental office everyone was so warm and welcoming!! I felt like I was part of the dental family. The office looked and felt top notch, it really looks and feels amazing. They got me into my appointment very quickly, which, I loved that I did not have to wait around for them to get me in. Their digital X-rays were awesome. Dr. Jackson was able to show me my X-rays and give me advice on how I could improve my dental health, and what areas I needed to work on. I really felt that Dr. Jackson cared about me and wanted to improve my health. He is really good with kids, my daughter had some work done and she said that she only wanted to go back to Dr. Jackson and no other dentist because of how good her experience was him and his team.
Colby M.
21:46 01 Oct 19
Dr. Jackson and the staff are always professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I actually look forward to my dental appointments.
Michael I.
20:15 26 Sep 19
The hygienist Trish was very nice and extremely thorough. Dr.Jackson took time to explain my treatment options and exactly what was going to happen. I really appreciated it. Most offices just rush you in and out.Update: I was told by Dr Jackson I would need almost $800 worth of dental work to fix my tooth. I got a second opinion at a dentist down the street. He fixed my tooth for $50. I can't go back now because I'm not sure if I'll be scammed again.
23:21 11 Sep 19
The new hygienist is fantastic. She is very gentle and was very good at giving tips at improving my brushing and flossing. As always, Dr. Jackson was very friendly and took the time to answer questions.
Crystal P.
18:00 31 Aug 19
So nice and down to earth. Very detail oriented and fair.
Jamie H.
21:41 15 Aug 19
I loved how fast the appointment was taken care, they were very friendly and caring. When I came in for my appointment Dr. Jackson and Melissa where explaining everything in detail and give me their recommendations. My experience was amazing! They are professionals!
Alma Reyes L
14:34 12 Jul 19
Super friendly and helpful! A very honest and trustworthy dentist! Natalie was great and super personable Hygienist!
Charlie R.
19:38 17 Jun 19
We followed Dr Jackson from his pleasant grove office to his springville office that works at as well. The service was great as always and they were able to fit in additional fillings and sealants in so we didn’t have to come back another time. I would defiantly recommend to all family and friends.
Lyndi P.
20:05 11 Jun 19
Such a friendly environment! Dr. Jackson and his team are always so wonderful. Our three year old no longer fears going to the dentist - she actually looks forward to it now!
Chelsea G.
14:44 30 May 19
I took my children into this office to see Dr. Jackson and was VERY pleased. The office was friendly, efficient and got us in and out quickly. My children were happy with the staff and I appreciated how the staff spoke and interacted with my children. I am happy we have switched to this office for our dental needs!
Bridget S.
18:30 30 Apr 19
If you have special needs children/adult this dentist and staff is amazing. Cannot say enough good things about them.
Mark S.
15:30 26 Mar 19
I really don't like traveling 1.5 hours to see a dentist, but we have yet to find a dentist we like more, so traveling it is! My daughter has had a bad gag reflex since she was born and has a lot of anxiety over going to the dentist. We tried a pediatric dentist and she came away traumatized, so she now goes to Dr. Jackson with the rest of our family. He has been so good about making it a good experience for her. the laughing gas and the movie on the ceiling helped calm her nerves, but I was even more impressed with how quick Dr. Jackson was in taking care of her cavities and making it a calm and easy experience for her. I also love that we never wait long from when we arrive to when we are seen.
Kristina M.
18:06 08 Mar 19
Great dentist! I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jackson. I’ve had a lot of work done on my teeth by various dentists, and he is the only one who hasn’t made me gag and throw up. (That’s a big deal to me!) Dr. Jackson has a great, friendly manner and a calm, soothing presence. My daughter was terrified of having a cavity filled, but Dr. Jackson talked her through the process and she ended up having a really positive experience. The hygienists and office staff are friendly and helpful. The remodeled office is clean and very cute!
Kirsta S.
22:00 01 Mar 19
I almost felt like I wwasn' in a dentist office. friendly, happy, helpful and great customer service. I felt the sincerity about my well-being and my teeth . Great staff great doctor definitely highly recommend!
Laura G.
00:04 01 Mar 19
I love the personal care and great dentistry. Our whole family enjoys thier experience here! Thanks for keeping our smiles bright!
Rose D.
16:51 04 Feb 19
This is the best place I have ever been for dental work. Everyone on the staff is super friendly and they do everything they can to make you comfortable. Definitely recommend!
Natalie O
15:26 22 Dec 18
It's a smaller office that shares a building with other offices (it's on the third floor), but the staff is superb and the services are great!!Doctor Soutas is very service oriented. For example, for teeth straightening, Dr. Soutas originally worked mainly with Invisalign. However, in order to alleviate costs for his patients, he switched to ClearCorrect which works just as well but is much cheaper!Update: The office has been newly ronnovated and us extremely clean. The doctor also changed to Dr. Jackson, who is young, kind, and just as cool as Dr. Soutas!
George B.
01:27 12 Dec 18
Dr. Jackson and his staff are very helpful and great to work with! My 12-yr-old son HATES getting numb, but they have been so patient with him over the years. They fit him in today because he had a cavity affecting two teeth and causing him a lot of pain. Dr. Jackson gave us a couple of options. We chose to have the two baby teeth pulled and he was very careful to respect my son's fears, minimize the pain, and make it his most positive dental experience so far. I can't ask for more than that!
Harmony P.
22:43 29 Nov 18
Doctor Jackson and his Staff are amazing. I am very satisfied with the work that Doctor Jackson has done for me and my family. He made so that I can chew food on both side of my mouth now with no pain.
Alan S.
19:31 15 Nov 18
They went out of their way to accommodate me and to get my broken denture repaired and back to me the same day.
Mary Fran D.
19:17 23 Jun 17
Dr Soutas provides excellent care for our family. Best dental experience in Utah Valley.
Shara S.
00:38 23 Dec 16
The staff is awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable.
Mary E.
14:23 14 Oct 16
My family has been going to Dr. Soutas for 6 years now, even though we've moved to Elk Ridge, and then to Lindon. He takes the time to learn what your goals are for your teeth and then helps you meet those goals. He'll give you all the information you need, but is never pushy. He's knowledgeable, skillful, and has excellent bedside manner. He's done braces for two of my children, with wonderful results. One was a real orthodontic challenge, but he put in extra time and equipment - even attended a special seminar - to learn what he could do to correct the problem. Dr. Soutas goes the extra mile to make sure his patients are completely taken care of. He has placed crowns for my husband and I that we are both happy with. He has taken care of my 6 children from ages 3-16 and they all love him! We'll never go anywhere else! 🙂
Rachel L.
18:38 02 Sep 16
Brenda R.
17:44 18 Jul 16
David J.
23:34 14 Jul 16
Dr. Soutas is very careful and gentle. He explains what needs to be done and what is optional according to your own goals for dental health. I like that!
Ila J.
02:38 12 Jul 16
They take the best care of u. And when I go there with my service dog they love to see him as well even Though he's not allowed in the back cus u need to keep it sterile and such but they still enjoy seeing him and welcome him just as they would any human. I'm not there for dental work I'm doing the oral appliance that they offer as they help u work with the insurance to get u so it's a in network so u get the better deal. But I know if they did take my insurance for dental I would use them.
melissa W.
23:57 07 Jul 16
This place is excellent! My son woke up with the worst tooth pain I have ever witnessed. I called their number at about 6am praying that i would get an emergency number or something. I got a live person. Dr. Soutas opened early and took care of him right away. Got him out of pain and on his way to getting the issue resolved . Well low and behold....I ended up with the same thing happening just a few months later. They have taken most excellent care of is and I would recommend them to anyone. As a matter of fact I already have. Their whole staff is amazing!
Tina M.
22:54 07 Jul 16

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The periodontium is the tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth, gums, periodontal ligament and bone.

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Gingival flap surgery is a procedure in which the periodontist separates the gums from the teeth temporarily to reach the root of the tooth and nearby bone.

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A periapical abscess is an abscess that forms from inflammation containing pus in the tissue surrounding the tooth.


Periodontitis is a lethal gum infection that results from poor oral hygiene, damaging soft tissue and destroying the bones that support the teeth.

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